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Stocking your kitchen cabinets with relevant kitchenware simplifies work in the kitchen. Generally, people use kitchen tools for the wrong purpose. Remember that using the wrong tool to perform a duty will destroy it sooner or later. Amongst the most mishandled tools in the kitchen include knives. There are all sorts of knives that you ought to stock in your kitchen since they perform varied duties. In fact, most of the kitchen work will always involve cutting and slicing. Below are some of the types of knives that you ought to stock in your kitchen.

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Boning Knives

These are special knives that ought not to miss in the kitchen. They come in different designs and are used specifically to chop meat off bonny parts of fish or poultry. Their blades vary in size as well as their thickness and tautness. They work excellently on ribs since they can easily cut through bones and cartilage.

Paring Knives

This is another type of knife that should not miss in your kitchen cabinets. Paring knives have a thin blade and can be used for complex kitchen duties that include skinning onions or tomatoes. They come in an array of designs that include the wavy edge, sheep's foot, bird's beak and clip point.

The Chef's Knife

This category of knife is very common hence, finding it in the kitchen is always very easy. It is special since it can perform almost all the duties that any kitchen knife can do. It works best in chopping and slicing of fruits and vegetables with its wide blade that curves upwards at the tip. They also vary in size since both long and short blades are available.

Bread Knives

Bread knives are very widespread since they are used frequently in cutting bread into slices. They have a serrated edge to make cutting the hard crust of the bread easy. Their blades are thick with deeply serrations to enhance simple cutting of bread.

Santoku Knives

The santoku knife is a modified chef's knife. It is used for slicing and chopping of vegetable and fruits. Its wide blade makes scooping sliced vegetables and ingredients very simple. They have curved blades that make chopping of food very easy. These knives are excellent in producing very thin slices when used on meat, vegetables or fruits.

The Clever Knife

The clever knife is commonly known with its wide blade and thick spine. It has a thick blade that is designed to perform a special duty. Its weight enables it to chop through meat or poultry bones. It also works best in crushing garlic or pounding meat due to its weight. These are some f the vital kitchen knives that you ought to stock to make your kitchen duties simple.